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Dirty Digger Contracting Services Equipment
Dirty Digger Contracting Services - Hand Shovels

The Shovel:

This is our smallest tool but can be the most effective for getting into tight spaces. We do not mind getting down from out machines and hand digging if the circumstance calls for it.

Dirty Digger Contracting Services - Yarmar Vio 17

Mini Excavator:

The Yanmar Vio 17 excavator can get through a 3′ 1″ opening and under 7′ carport. It has a 0 tail swing clearance for digging close to fences, houses or other structures.

Dirty Digger Contracting Services - Vio 35

Big Excavator:

The Yanmar Vio 35 is one of the most versatile excavators out there today.

We have 5 attachments for this machine:

  • Brush rake for land clearing and bush removal.
  • Ripper for stump removal and trenching for irrigation lines.
  • Digging bucket for hard soil and trenching.
  • Clean up bucket for grading and moving larger amounts of material quickly.
  • Grading boom for flatting and straightening your yard or leveling you driveway.
Dirty Digger Contracting Services - Truck and Dump Trailer

Truck and Dump Trailer:

Our heavy duty truck and dump trailer can move or dump, what you need – where you need it. The dump trailer is used for hauling top soil, gravel or bark mulch.

Dirty Digger Contracting Services - Hauling Trailer

Hauling Trailer:

This hauling trailer can handle even the biggest of our equipment, allowing us to get to the job site fast, efficiently and safety. This 18’ flat deck trailer can be used to haul anything from a 20’ cargo container to lumber for your project.

Our Motto Is:

“To disturb the environment as little as possible, while accomplishing the results you are looking for.”

Bernie Grosse – Owner/Operator

Dirty Digger Contracting Services

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